Best Outfit for Vikendi

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Today we present the best camouflage outfit for Vikendi. Are white clothes actually better? Many players believe that a white outfit will help them win the chicken dinner. Is this true?

The structure of the map is relatively simple. There are mountains with snow, ice, forests, cities and countless houses. But mostly, the final fights don't take place on a snowfield. A house fight or a circle in the brown mud is even more likely!

That's why we recommend you this allround outfit - and of course, it's all for free. But if you want to get some free PUBG crate coupons, you have to complete several in-game missions.

Head: Pirate Bandana (Checkered)

Face: Emo Mask

Torso: Padded Jacket (Camo) [Alternatively: Padded Jacket (Grey)]

Trousers: Combat Pants (Camo)

Shoes: no shoes - why? Steps are softer, or not heard at all. Don't worry, you won't freeze to death because of this.


By the way, the golden weapon looks classy, but it is not recommended. ;-)