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Swiss eSports News:

CHZH is the first Swiss PUBG (PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS) eSports Clan for the PlayStation 4. Check out our blog or our direct PUBG website for an application.

We are mainly a Battlefield 3 clan for the PlayStation 3, but you might also know us from Battlefield V, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4 and PUBG for PC or PS4.

CHZH from Zurich, with members from all over the world.


For the latest clan and alliance news, check our blog. Many interesting articles concerning the community and new films from CHZH studios are published there.

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- You can't play right now? Fortunately, you can always stalk our Battlefield livestreams or cinematic gamepictures right here. Check it out. -

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It's finally out there. Vikendi map for PUBG and PUBG Mobile. In the following article we show you how to find vehicles, boats, garages and the entire heat map for decent weapons and equipment.

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Battlefield V clan tag tutorial. Easy steps.

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CHZH is born!

Welcome to CHZH! We are a Swiss BF3 clan with members from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Great Britain, Turkey ...

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