CHZH Zurich | Battlefield 3 clan

To get the chzh clan suffix, VISIT THIS PAGE.
Be sure the chzh is written in small letters.

1. Login with your EA account
2. Choose BF3 on the top of the page
3. Go to your profile (also on the top of the page)
4. "Edit profile"
5. Scroll to " Soldier settings Edit soldier image and clan tag:"
6. enter "chzh"
7. Don't forget to save the new settings (at the bottom).



********** august 2016 **********

Second CHZH Server is online - A big thank you, TheilerPRO !

********** june 2016 **********

New server collaboration. CHZH is proud to fight also on the M-E-T-R-O-F-I-G-H-T-C-L-U-B server.

********** april 2016 **********

New Server banner is online, Black or White, let us know which one you like.

********** november 2015 **********

New TeamSpeak 3 Server online!!!
Servername is

********** october 2015 **********

Recruitment in progress, click here!

Welcome to CHZH! We are a Swiss BF3 clan with members from Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Great Britain, Turkey without stupid rules.
For the first CHZH don't use autosniper and shotgun. The second chzh server doesn't have any rules! Join us, free membership, VIP rights, no waiting to join the server, use the equipment you want!



chzh logo